The vacation has ended … Ciao Amalfi

Today was the first the day I felt a vacation was ending. We need to checkout of our house at the Amalfi coast and I don’t want to leave. We woke up relatively early to make breakfast, shower, and pack to checkout by 10 am from our beautiful cliff house on the Amalfi coast. It was here that I had the great experience of Il Bel Far Niente, how would I be happy to leave it? But alas, time to move on. If it weren’t for the fact that we’re traveling on reward miles and have a semi-set itinerary, I would have wanted to stay here for another week.Never satisfied … Sara mentions it is a bit difficult for me to be satisfied but I respectfully disagree. I don’t think “not being satisfied” and “being dissatisfied” have equal definitions. It’s not that I’m dissatisfied, because I don’t leave angry and I look forward for the next adventure. I leave with a smile yearning for more.

Sunset view from our dining room

I regress. The time spent in Amalfi was one of reflection since most of what was done was staring at a beautiful coast, cooking, listening to some good music, reading, and hanging out with friends. We did have one touristy day by visiting Pompei, an almost intact ancient Roman city frozen in time by Vesuvio’s eruoption in 79 AD, but this did not take away the calming experience. There is something about being in this house that made me feel as if nothing else mattered but the present. For being a Type-A personality and a planner, this was a first.

Today we leave and decide to drive to Salerno from Sorrento with a stop in Positano. We think it will take 30 minutes and the drive should be a fast one. Boy were we wrong! The drive to Salerno was a mix between enjoying a beautiful view while riding a roller coaster at Six Flags. Streets were narrow, rocks were falling, and cars were pushing us closer to the cliffs. Caleb did an amazing job at driving and keeping us alive!

We arrive at Positano and we’re sad we cannot stay longer than an hour. We walk from the top of the hill descend for about 300 meters and 30 minutes down to the beach. It’s a beautiful colorful town with crystal clear water and a black sand beach.

After our short stay in Positano, we head to Salerno and say good bye to our friends. We’re hoping we see them for a third time during our trip somewhere in South East Asia! =)

We wait for 40 minutes for our train and say to ourselves: “Roma … here we go!”

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