The battle of the mosquito

We were extremely tired so we lay down at 8:30 pm for a nap.  The next thing I know it’s 2 am and I am awakened by a recognizable buzzing in my ear.  I swat at it then sit up and turn on the lights.  Giovanni also wakes up and starts typing and responding to e-mails on the computer.  I notice an itchy 1 cm area on my right inner forearm, no bump yet, so the mosquito must have just got me.  Over the next 3 hours (2am-5am), whenever we are just about to fall asleep the buzzing begins again.  I come up with the solution of smearing my skin with DEET and covering my exposed ear with a dirty shirt from yesterday.  I tolerate the stench so long as I don’t hear the mosquito.  Nope, that doesn’t work.  This time Giovanni thrashes as he is awakened and we both laugh at the situation.  We are determined to kill so our next weapon is turning on the lights.  A few minutes later the familiar buzzing returns and I tell Giovanni to go in for the kill.  The wings of the mosquito are too quick for our half-asleep swats.  So we decide to peacefully coexist.  We’re too tired to fight any longer.  And we both fall asleep with the lights on until 8:30 am.  I guess the mosquito won this battle with its belly full of blood and ready to attack again tonight.

The scene reminds me of Albert Camus’ The Stranger.  The mosquito, like the sun, may cause us to do unimaginable actions and the reader may sympathize.  No, we were not going to kill another human being as a result of the mosquito.

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  1. This is well-written and adorable. I have had similar experiences in Thailand, Langkawi, and the bathroom of our apple blossom house. My sympathies go out to you both.

    However, I would’ve killed the bastard out of spite. Peacefully coexisting with my spouse is hard enough.

  2. Be careful with those mosquitoes! I still have marks on my legs from our December trip! When you get a chance to stop at a pharmacy get a small cream. In Mexico they sell some great ones that help you with mosquito bites. -Besos from SF

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