The Art of Hospitality

There is nothing more noticeable in Iran than hospitality. Regardless of all the oppressions the government imposes on the people, Iranians will host you like a king or queen anytime you visit. It’s a beautiful thing but you start to feel bad. Every house we went to, we were treated like royalty. I started to feel bad saying what I liked. I’m sure if I would have said I like caipirinhas or choclo, they would have figured out a way to give them to me.

I made a comment about these wonderful cream puffs pastries to Saman, and when visiting Saman’s sister’s house, she had bought cream puffs for me. So nice! Sima knows I like ghormesabzi and kotlet. It was great, and I had this food at almost every house we visited! =)
This was probably because we were special though, I’m sure they don’t cook your favorite meal if you’re not ultra special like Sara is to them. But if they do, start inviting yourself to Persian houses! =)

Regardless of who you are though, when visiting someone’s house you will be greeted with tea, nuts, fruits, and sweets. They will give you their seat and try to make you feel extremely comfortable. I need to learn some of this hospitality!

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