Spending 17 hours at an airport

Due to a canceled flight, we are now spending 17 hours in Hong Kong airport on our way to Bali from Bangkok. It makes no sense. Bangkok to Bali it’s no more than a 3.5 hour flight … yet it’s taking us more than 36 hours to get there. The downside of pre-planned Round the World Trip airline ticket … but can we really complain?

IMG 1240

Since we are flying with miles on business class, we get to use the VIP lounges before every flight. Today is no exception and we’re enjoying unlimited drinks, noodle bar, comfy couches, and wifi.

We landed at 4 pm today HK time and fly to Bali tomorrow morning at 11 am … unfortunately the VIP lounge closes from 2-5 am. Instead of finding a nice couch to sleep all night, we had to wake up at 2 am and go find some corner in the airport to pass out for three hours.

The plan .. drink enough so I can pass out on the floor (seats in the common area are not designed to lay down). =)

Then tomorrow morning before our flight, come back to the lounge when it opens for breakfast and a shower.

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  1. OMG…..deverias de escribir un libro hacerca de las aventuras que te pasan men! lol
    espero y esten super bien, un beso y abrazo muy cordial a ambos!
    espero verles pronto!


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