Selling the car …

I’ve had the car for about 5 years now. It treated me well. It was giving to me almost free by my dad when I moved back to CA from NY. A shiny, white BMW 3 series. A type of car a mid-twenty something year old should not have unless they are an investment banker and can buy it cash. I never thought it would be difficult for me to sell it before the trip but alas, I was wrong. I took it for a wash today, drove it up to the hills of Berkeley, in those winding roads, overlooking a clear panoramic view of San Francisco and the Bay Area. The sun roof was open, sunglasses on, and music blasting! I felt on top of the world. Amazing how material things can make you feel like this.

For those of you that know me, you know this is not typical of me, unless of course I am lying to myself. Before the BMW I’ve always had really low budget cars: Hyunday that I used to call a red tomato, Nissan Stanza, and a Nissan Altima 96 (in 2004). All I cared for was four wheels, a steering wheel, and some music. If it could take me from point A to point B, I was happy. Thinking back, I have felt like on top of the world with other cars … driving from Mt. SAC to home at 1 am after a long 8 hour study session. Ok, I don’t feel that bad. =)

Regardless, it feels like selling the car is a big step in closing a chapter of life. I’m getting rid of the most expensive item I own and really starting to live off a backpack! To think that I’ll be using only a backpack to live for 10 months. How exciting!! <—- [if this doesn’t excite you, long-term travel might not be for you].

My bittersweet with selling the car is knowing that when I return, I will not be able to purchase a top notch car. Looking back, like it or not, a car like the BMW gives you automatic respect and status. To top it off, driving that thing makes you feel like you’re flying! My dad was right about that for sure. However, I need to learn that what I just described is a luxury and not a need; it will not provide happiness nor give you meaning. When I come back I hope I’m able to live a lifestyle of comfort and still be able to save on our second RTWT. Instead of buying/[getting in debt for] a $30k luxury car, I’ll look for a comfortable $5-10k car and will have to re-learn that all you really need are four wheels, a steering wheel and some good music. Then use the other $20-25k for the second RTWT. 😉

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