Sagrada Familia – Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece

First rock was laid out in 1882 and by the time Gaudi died (1926), less than a quarter of the church was complete. Over 100 years later, the church finally became an “official” church and blessed by the Pope.

Our visit started with getting our audio guide to learn a little bit more about what we were looking at. Even without going inside the Sagrada, taking a look at the façade of the Nativity, one can appreciate the architectural beauty and the amount of dedication that the workers have given to the church.

We ended up spending over 3 hours at the Sagrada visiting each corner and learning a bit more about Catalan’s history, Gaudi’s life, and a lesson about religion.

At the end of our day, we decided to climb the towers. Each tower is over 60 meters high and one can see not only a nice view of Barcelona, but also a closer detail to the art and Gaudi’s designs. The last 10-20 meters of the stairs, the style of the staircase turns into a wonderful spiral that is pleasing to the eyes … another one of Gaudi’s little surprises!


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