Our life under a tarp

After three grueling days of selling, packing, and moving … we have finally gotten rid of almost everything … and have put over 80% of our belongings under a tarp. It’s funny to think that all we own, our “life” fits under a 20′ by 16′ tarp.

Our “life” …. traveling always makes me realize that to be happy a human needs very little. In one of my previous journal entries I wrote: “a simple backpack with just enough clothes, some medicine, shoes, a good jacket, and a $1.5k/month is all one really needs to see the world”. Why have we become a society of collectors? We define “our life” by the stuff we own [not all but most]. We collect shoes, dvd’s, cds, furniture, decorations, art, books, video games, clothes, kitchen appliances, pets, etc … Don’t get me wrong, I realized that some things are needed to be comfortable. But damn, 3 days of packing and moving to get rid of stuff from a 1 bedroom apartment? That’s just wrong!

I hope that on our return from our RTWT, we learn to have a minimalist home, something similar to the rules from the Zen Habits blog. Also taking a look at the 18 minute video about “The Story of Stuff” makes you think about buying that amazing shirt or great pair of shoes.

PS РThanks to Mike and Laura, Moms, Sandy,  and brother for helping us move. It would have taken us a month without your help! Thank you!!!!

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