Otres Beach, Cambodia

You know you’re in beach paradise when an elderly 70-something old man walks to the edge of the beach, takes one look at the sunset, and starts to peel off his clothes layer by layer. And no I don’t mean I was in beach paradise watching him strip! 🙂 I wondered what went through his mind as he took off his pants and shirt and finally finished when he was wearing only his blue underpants. And then I looked at the water and it was breathtaking.No one else was in the water so it would be just him and the ocean. He left his clothing in a pile and started walking into the water as the sun reflected and added a pinkish purple hue. He looked very relaxed and swam a bit in the water before disappearing with his clothing. In fact, Giovanni and I never noticed him come out of the water. We just looked over and saw that the pile of clothing was gone and so was he. I sorta envied his carefree spirit, that he didn’t hesitate or think about the possibility of getting sand in his clothes or salt on his skin, and then I realized that this trip has definitely reduced my germ phobia. We are staying at an outdoor bungalow with a shared bathroom and shower in 90-something degree weather. I mean it’s sort of a form of car camping. Yet Giovanni and I both agreed that we would rather have this bungalow consisting only of a bed with a mosquito net on the beach instead of a room with air conditioning and private bathroom 200 meters away from the beach.

There is just something so amazing about opening your eyes to the sight and sound of waves. It is a constant reminder of how little you need to feel happy!

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