Mosquito bites and moonset

Sara and I woke up at 4 am to the sound of a buzzing mosquito. I had already been half awake because my back itched like crazy. It is extremely hot were we’re staying and I cannot sleep with a shirt on. The room has a mosquito net but it appears that that was not an obstacle to the trio of fuckers we found inside our sacred space.

Sara and I start flapping our hands around and start killing a mosquito one by one. At the end our hands were full of our own mosquito sucked blood. Sara looks at my back and I have a 5 cm mosquito bite. It itches like hell!

After this massacre, I remember that there is currently a full moon in the sky and that at 4 am, it is close to hiding by the west horizon. I go outside to check it out and see a full moon shining light upon the entire beach and Arabian sea. However, the moon was still too high and I knew there were better views to come. I was tired but decided to put an alarm at 5 am to make sure I don’t miss a spectacular moon.

I head back to bed but I cannot sleep. It is hot, humid, and still have an itching back. I stare at the ceiling fan rotating for what feels like an eternity. I think I dozed of but I cannot remember and the 5 am alarm goes off. At this point, Sara is cursing me between her teeth because I’m not letting her sleep but I’ve never seen a moon set!

I head outside at 5 pm and the moon is not quite there but still a beautiful view (see first image below). I head back to bed and set another alarm at 6 am. Another hour of tossing in the bed and 6 am hits and I head out like a kid that has never tasted candy before.

The moon is red and big! I run back inside to try to convince Sara to come check out and she does! Beautiful big red moon set!

Sara heads back to bed and I decide to enjoy the last of the moon set while laying on a hammock. Not a bad evening for not sleeping and having multiple mosquito bites.

IMG 6845

IMG 6848

IMG 6851


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