Luxury, a feast, and friends

We’re currently in Barcelona relaxing and not being tourists for once. We arrived to Barcelona and headed directly to the W Hotel to meet up with Romeena. She was nice enough to let us crash in her room with a view of the pool and the ocean. We first had a nice chat about our travels (she’s traveling in Europe for a month) and philosophies of life and later headed over to Eclipse, an exclusive lounge on the 26th floor of the W. We danced the night away and went to bed around 3 am. In the morning, unfortunately Romeena had to leave so we stayed at the W and chilled at the pool for a few hours before heading over to our friend Amalia’s house!

Amalia, a friend from the International House days, and Giorgos (her Greek husband that she met at I-House), are hosting us and boy have they hosted us! We arrived at their house yesterday to a feast that Amalia had cooked of baked chicken, oregano potatoes, salad, wine and chupitos … amazing!

We then relaxed in the afternoon with a siesta and woke up to go workout [Giovanni played soccer with Giorgos and Sara went running with Amalia]. Following that we met up with Swapnil (another I-House friend) and went to have dinner with Gilbert (Amali’s brother), his girlfriend Irene, Amalia/Giorgos and Swapnil at some Lebanese restaurant located in a plaza in Gracia. After dinner, all went to bed and Swapnil and Giovanni stayed up until 4:40 am drinking beer at some plaza and talking economics.

Today we just did chores (laundry, mercado) and Giovanni worked on updating our posts and LAM emails. In the middle of the day, we went to the local mercado with Gilbert and Irene and Irene cooked an amazing greek soup with meatballs, rice, and a lot of flavor! Now, we’re headed out to dinner with Mario (another I-House friend) and friends near Barceloneta!

After 20 days of being a tourist and not seeing a familiar face, it was great to hang out with close friends, share stories meanwhile learn about their life here in Barcelona! Can’t wait for more!!!

3 Replies to “Luxury, a feast, and friends”

  1. Amalia and Giorgos are indeed AMAZING hosts! Send them all my love and kisses!

    We miss you Gio and Sara but I am very happy to hear what a great time you are having!!



  2. Fun fun fun Gio and Sara. You guys are literally rocking the world.

    San Sebastian tomorrow!? One of my favorite cities guys, I hope you like it. It’s serene, old world with a sort of Bay Area flair (salt water baths, yoga in the beach, bicycling–the Spanish California!

    Thank you for keeping us posted. Awesome posts.

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