It’s a small world after all

The only day we had free in Koh Tao was after our Open Water Scuba Course ended. It was also the last day we were there. We decide that we want to visit the nearby island Nangyuan. It’s supposed to have a beautiful beach with great hikes. It def. does!

I’m on a tiny island for a full day. I spend half the day snorkeling and hiking and the other half taking a nap on the beach chair. As the day is ending, we’re getting ready to take our fishing boat back to Koh Tao. As I walk to the bar to take the left over beer cans, I hear my name … I’m like what?!

It’s Felipe Cornejo!! A chilean friend I met at the International House back in 2003. Last time I saw him was in San Francisco in 2009 for a friend’s birthday. He moved back to Chile in 2003 and unfortunately had lost touch with him. But fate had to reunite us, on a remote island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand…

If I would have missed him at Nangyuan, I would have seen him the next day because we had the SAME bus to Bangkok … a 10 hour trip! Incredible no?!

IMG 8093

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