Full moon party

The famous full moon party at Koh Phangan. It used to be called the burning man of Asia … I don’t think it’s even close but still an experience worth having.

We arrived in Koh Phangan on Feb 2nd to wait for the full moon on Feb 8th and then head out to Koh Tao for scuba but ended up staying 17 days!

The party is at a beach in the south of the island called Haad Rin. It’s about a 2km beach with white sand and blue waters. During the full moon, the beach is turned into a 10,000+ party with each beach front bar with their fire shows, lights, and own styles of music. We danced to Latin, Techno, House, and top 40. There is tons of glow in the dark paint and clothing and buckets of hard alcohol with red bull offered left and right.

IMG 7805

IMG 7789

Since we were staying in the north, it wasn’t that simple to get to the party. We ended up booking a ride with the owners of Jane’s Kitchen for $10/person round trip. The truck left at 10 pm and got back at 3 am. The 45 minute drive south was a bit of a scare because everyone is driving fast in the middle of the jungle and swerving between mopeds. Our driver was drinking a 750 ml bottle of beer … go figure.

We heard that night there was only 8000 people and that for NYE there was 40,000… I cannot imagine having 4 times as much! Maybe twice, but 4?

At the end of the night, we decide to each a banana pancake and some pad thai on the street. Best drunk food ever!

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