Food in Budapest

We arrived at Jimi Hendrix Guesthouse, which has been one of the best places we have stayed on this trip ☺ Clean, very friendly Hungarians running the place, and great location! Giovanni and I had an adventure mailing a 4 kg package from the post office as soon as we arrived, and the only word we knew in Hungarian is “kusunum” (thank you). But with patient post office employees (I know shocking) and individuals in line that translated for us, we successfully mailed our box for nearly $70! We just couldn’t carry the extra load anymore, and the fashionable leather jackets we bought in Florence would likely be unnecessary for the remainder of our trip. Regardless of the price, it was worth it. The weather in Budapest called for gloves, beanies, warm jackets, and hot wine on the street! We ate large portions of delicious food, including goulash, chicken paprikash, lángos (crispy doughy bread with sour cream and cheese), and stuffed paprika. We drank lots of Hungarian beer and smooth bull’s blood (wine from the region of Eger).

Giovanni and I retraced our steps to Buda and the beautiful watch tower we had climbed together and listened to locals playing violin down below nearly 6 years ago. This time we were on a Budapest free tour with a group of like 50 people. The tour was definitely worth it and we learned some basic history and tips for the city.  The most memorable thing I came away with is that people in Budapest like to rub statues for good luck…there is a little girl that looks like a boy on the pest side of the Danube river and people rub her knees for good luck, there is a chubby policeman statue and people rub his belly, and there is a horse statue in Buda and people rub the horse’s testicles for good luck in bed! The last one is only done at night. You could tell all these statues are regularly rubbed since the color of the area rubbed is different, a shade of gold rather than green or brown. So in conclusion, make sure to rub things for good luck!

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