Food, food, and more food

Without stepping on a scale, I’m sure I’ve gained at least 10 lbs. We’ve visited 7 houses in Iran and some restaurants. Without exaggeration, almost each meal is a feast. Three to five course meals: Persian rice [3 types! loobiya polo, zereshk polo, sabzi polo], fish [mahi], chicken [jooje], kebap [barg and koobede], stews [ghorbesabzi, khorake gardan – lamb neck, chicken with anar, kashke bademjoon], and of course desert [bastani, pastries, fruits, jello].

I try to say no to double serving but I can’t! It’s soooo good. Also, Persians want you to be full and continue to offer you food. I don’t want to be rude so I can’t say no, can I? =)

A custom I really liked and I hope I can convince Sara to incorporate in our lives is to eat on the floor with a sofre. I felt it makes it more intimate and no need to buy a dining table! It’s a bit uncomfortable but I’m sure you can get used to it.

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