Driving fear

Driving in Iran is worse than being on the scariest roller coaster on earth. Here there is no safety harness but almost the same movements and turns as on a ride at Six Flags. Currently, I’m in the back seat of a taxi from Sari to Tehran, a four-hour drive. I’m listening to a prayer being played on the radio, Sara is sleeping on my left and the driver is going 150 km per hour [the road is very curvy!].

There is a two-lane road and every 50 m he has to pass a car. He plays chicken with every car going the opposite way and sometimes it comes as close as 5 meters. I guess I got used to it since I can actually type and be comfortable in the back seat. I think turning on my iPhone and listening to King Chango has helped. 😉

City driving is just as bad. There is a 3-lane road and cars make it a 5-lane road, you can physically touch the car to your left and right with your arm hair if you hang your arm on the window rim. While walking the streets, Sara almost got hit twice by crazy drivers. You know that Atari game? Frog jumper or something like that. That’s what crossing the street in Iran is like!

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