Day before Servas Interview

So I haven’t bought my ticket yet. I can’t wait until that is over with. I cannot buy it until an interview February 22nd because I do not know when I’ll be called back.
I’m done with getting vaccines though, my arm hurts. I got a lot of vaccines. I like the saying in Spanish: ‘Mas vale prevenir que lamentar.’
I do not know if I have mentioned it before, but during my travels I plan to be part of Servas organization. This organization is made up of Hosts and Travelers and it is based on on understanding, tolerance and world peace. Well, I have my interview with a US Servas member tomorrow and I’m very excited to learn more about the organization and to become a member….

I’ve been told that traveling to the countries I’m planning to in such little time is not the best idea. I wish I had more time. I really want to go around the world and get to learn from each continent: Latin America, Eastern Europe, and South East Asia. I have 5 months to do all this, and like 10 different stops by plane and like 20 all together. I went to Europe once for 2 months and visited 28 cities. I have to admit, I was running left and right.
I guess it all depends on the time and what I want. If I wanted to learn just one culture I would just go and live there for the five months I have, but I rather get to see MORE.
Alright, I gotta work. Can’t wait to leave!
I found out today that I only need visas for Brazil, Cambodia, Thailand. I still need to find out if I need a visa for Australia, Fiji, and Indonesia.