Terminated. That word doesn’t settle well with me. Why did the lady in the Graduate Medical Education Office tell me I was terminated and needed to turn in my badge and pager? I thought it’s just a one-year leave of absence. The department chair and residency director gave me permission. In fact, I approached them nearly a year earlier to ask about the possibility of taking a year off. Continue reading “Terminated”

Buying a Round the World Ticket

This past weekend I was sick and took advantage of a lazy Saturday to spend some energy in figuring out our itinerary for our Round the World Trip (RTWT). To make a long story short … we were unsuccessful.

First of, for those of you that do not know, Sara and I will be traveling using our AA miles. American Airlines is part of One World – an alliance between airlines around the world including Iberia, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, British Airways, etc. As an AAdvantage member, we can use our miles to book something similar to the One World Explorer ticket. It’s basically a ticket for a round the world trip with various rules and regulations: Continue reading “Buying a Round the World Ticket”

Still wishing for that RTW trip…

Luckily for me that I get to travel, at least one week here, and one week there. If not, I would feel like a lion in a cage inside the US. Not that the US is bad, but the US is pretty much the same everywhere — I guess I haven’t ventured into the Midwest, but who really wants to go there anyway?

I have been dreaming of a RTW trip since the beginning of 2003. It is 2007 already Continue reading “Still wishing for that RTW trip…”