If any of you reading this are thinking…. can I really do an around the world trip? Well, you can…….
This link has many inspirational comments and ideas as to why everyone can take a year off ‘life’ to go around the world! I read this today and somehow had managed to learn most of what the website said by reading other sites and my own desire to travel. Actually, reading everything on the link got me extremely excited for this trip! And I haven’t finished the trip and I’m already excited about taking another RTW trip later on in life! I don’t think I’ll ever stop! Imagine, retiring and going around the world for 2 years! Nice!
I highly recommend the link, has a lot of information!
About my trip…..still waiting for time to pass so I can start the journey!!!!

After Servas and STA

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So Sara and I went to our Servas interview yesterday. We were interviewed by Connie. A really nice lady that opened the door to her house with an open heart. We felt really comfortable right from the beginning…. she was making fun of infomercials and people that rely on technology all the time. She’s an “old fashioned girl.” She said, “people say email is cheaper, but it really isn’t, you have to pay for the machine and the internet service, where as all you need for a letter is 37 cents, a pen and paper.” And she had a boyfriend and she made fun of the old dude. “This is my boyfriend, if you really could call him a boy….” We talked very little about the interview, we just had a conversation about traveling, and random stuff. We got very excited for the Servas organization.
After the Servas interview, we went to STA travel to find a cheap round the world (RTW) ticket. We met Sally, our travel agent, and she will send a quote to us by tomorrow with our desired itinerary………..
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Day before Servas Interview

So I haven’t bought my ticket yet. I can’t wait until that is over with. I cannot buy it until an interview February 22nd because I do not know when I’ll be called back.
I’m done with getting vaccines though, my arm hurts. I got a lot of vaccines. I like the saying in Spanish: ‘Mas vale prevenir que lamentar.’
I do not know if I have mentioned it before, but during my travels I plan to be part of Servas organization. This organization is made up of Hosts and Travelers and it is based on on understanding, tolerance and world peace. Well, I have my interview with a US Servas member tomorrow and I’m very excited to learn more about the organization and to become a member….
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