Cambodia’s Beach Mosquitos

Cambodian mosquitos are just plain rude! Or maybe they’ve just evolved to be super mosquitos. I’ve never seen anything like this species. My lower legs, feet, both arms and hands are covered with bites with a few sprinkled on my chest and abdomen. I have bites in places I didn’t think are biologically possible…last night I killed a mosquito on the sole of my foot filled with blood. I guess the stinger can even penetrate thick skin. I also have bites in places covered by clothing, so either the mosquitos sneak their way up my leg in the crevice between the pants and my leg or they bite through my clothes. Unbelievable! I have to say the worst bite I have is the pinky toe of my left foot. The reason it’s so bad is that my entire toe is red and inflamed, slightly painful, yet still itchy as hell. And this is all with two daily applications of OFF with DEET.

These mosquitos are definitely resistant to DEET! They don’t give a flying fuck whether or not you have DEET as a weapon or mosquito coils at your feet. They’re still gonna get you! Giovanni says that this is the price for paradise J I guess it’s a small price considering I’m writing this post on my bungalow balcony with a view of hammocks, white sand, an island in the distance, and clear bluish water with the regular sound of waves. I forgot to state that no other people are in sight!

And I won’t even get started on the flies, but I will mention that Giovanni trapped 7 flies in his empty beer mug yesterday. Cambodia is setting records!

CORRECTION: I just realized these are not mosquitos. They are sand flies! No wonder the DEET wasn’t working…I just learned there is special sand fly repellant! 🙂

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  1. No way (BVI flashbacks)!!

    Thanks for the heads up. Was it difficult to find the sand flies repellent? hope to get 20 bottles while we are there!!

    Besos and see you soon!

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