After Servas and STA

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So Sara and I went to our Servas interview yesterday. We were interviewed by Connie. A really nice lady that opened the door to her house with an open heart. We felt really comfortable right from the beginning…. she was making fun of infomercials and people that rely on technology all the time. She’s an “old fashioned girl.” She said, “people say email is cheaper, but it really isn’t, you have to pay for the machine and the internet service, where as all you need for a letter is 37 cents, a pen and paper.” And she had a boyfriend and she made fun of the old dude. “This is my boyfriend, if you really could call him a boy….” We talked very little about the interview, we just had a conversation about traveling, and random stuff. We got very excited for the Servas organization.
After the Servas interview, we went to STA travel to find a cheap round the world (RTW) ticket. We met Sally, our travel agent, and she will send a quote to us by tomorrow with our desired itinerary………..

LA-Lima-Buenos Aires-Rio de Janeiro-France-overland to Athens-Bangkok-Bali-LA.

She said it probaly will cost us around $2500-$3000. Hopefully it’s true!
We also looked into our train passes in Europe, around $500 for all the cities we want to go in Europe: Paris, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Venezia, Siena, Florence, Napoli, Sorrento, Bari, Athens.

Sally also told us about this travel insurance that STA offers, apperently seems very reliable and cheap: $340 for 5 months! That’s cheap compared to others I’ve read about….

I just read the entry and it seems as if we have planned a lot. We really haven’t, we’re just extremely excited. I can’t wait to buy my ticket!

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  1. La emoción con la que escribiste todo, ha hecho que hasta a mi me entre el nervio con los preparativos del viaje. ¡Ahhhhhh! ¡Mis mejores deseos para los dos!

    Mucha suerte

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