4,000 islands – Kayaking the Mekong River

After arriving to 4,000 islands from a dreaded long trip from Cambodia, we look for activities to do. We find a kayaking 1-day tour that will take you to river rapids, search for river dolphins, and visit some water falls. With our new friends, we book the trip and hope for a better day. The tour was about 180,000 KIP (but it’s been a few weeks since we did it so I may be wrong!) with breakfast included!

We wake up at 6 am to the sounds of roosters next door. I head down to the restaurant to use WiFi and have a short phone meeting with one of my clients. After a successful meeting, Sara and the gang meet up with me to head to the kayaking office for breakfast.


We have simple eggs and toast breakfast before we receive a 5 minute introduction to kayaking: just row. We receive helmets, ores, and life jackets before heading to the nearby beach to find our kayaks.

We jump in and start rowing. Throughout the day we rowed in the Mekong river in between islands, hiked to waterfalls, went down some tranquil rapids, searched for dolphins, and rowed some more. The trip included lunch as well. Our lunch consisted of chicken fried rice and some watermelon. Pretty good after a good 6 hours of exercise.

One of the highlights of the day was actually seeing the river dolphins!!! We were literally a few meters away from them and we could hear vividly their breathing. It was quite breathtaking.

DSC01519 1


It was a tiring day but one that was the highlight of our stay in Dondet (4,000 islands).

Kayaking in the Mekong River 4,000 Islands

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